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Educational Resources

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Explore our resources and find out how you can be equipped!

Most of our educational content is provided through the e-learning platform, Teachable.  Our content includes videos, classes, online courses, webcast and workshop recordings.  Archived materials are available for purchase on Teachable.

Educational resources are also provided through live training sessions.

Live Webcasts

Monthly live webcasts will begin in July 2018.  To subscribe to these live events, join us on Patreon.


Workshops are offered quarterly and can be attended locally.  Archived workshops can be found on Teachable.

Professional Courses

Professional courses are offered once or twice each year.  Contact us directly  for further information.


Grow · Together

Get involved!

Learn about ways to get involved by exploring the categories below.  Follow the arrows for links. 

Financial Support

Those who desire to sponsor project development or care for a client can make a donation via PayPal or GooglePay.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer for all of our clients is a cornerstone of our work.  Contact us if you would like to be a part of this ministry.

E-mail Updates

Receive e-mails 1-2 times per month with information about educational opportunities and topics of interest.

Current Projects

Find out about what projects we are currently working on and how you can get involved or provide support.


Choose from free material and subscription options to access resources designed to help you meet your health goals.

Host a Workshop

Contact us if you would like to host a group, workshop or educational seminar on a topic of interest.


To refer a friend, direct them to the client section of the website and encourage them to email us.     


Contact us if you would like to submit a testimonial or reference.

Healing the Whole Person

- Mission -


I provide educational resources for individuals, teachers, health professionals, pastors, executives, parents, and more.  Those who are interested in holistic health and desire to be equipped to help others heal and grow can contact me to discuss workshop opportunities and course information.

Health Consulting

During health consults we address your unique health needs.  The initial consultation and follow-up sessions are directed toward meeting your goals.  Consults  occur via Zoom video-conferencing.

Client Care

We provide compassionate and integrative care for issues including those related to fear or anxiety, trauma, stress, developmental delays or early childhood challenges, sexual or hormonal issues, the autonomic nervous system, human performance, hard-to-solve health issues and more...

Wellness for the whole person - heart, mind, body and soul - requires focused tools to engage a person's unique needs in an effective manner.

Contact us if you would like to know if we can help.


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