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The Resource Page contains videos on identifying and resolving threat issues that are relevant to trauma and PTSD recovery, and an initial series on concussion recovery.

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About Me

Following 8 years training and serving as a physician in the US Army at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and Eisenhower Army Medical Center (as Chief of Physical Medicine and Rehabiliation), I left the military in 2017 to start Coalesco and pursue a desire to offer coaching and care to individual clients, equipping and training to professionals, and to explore potential deep and simple approaches to healing ...

Healing the Whole Person

- Principles -


Our objective is to apply a robust understanding of the whole person and to utilize tools that target and resolve your unique needs.  As you participate in this process you will be equipped to heal and grow.  We also provide resources for you to learn more or to help others.


Healing is a restoration process that is most effective when the origins of your health needs are addressed and stabilized.  A well-ordered reality governs our approach.  Your health needs began for a reason and they are not a result of random, disordered chance. 


Our priority is to equip you with what is essential to heal as a whole person - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually - in a manner that is supportive and enduring.  The truth about who you are, how you are made, and what you need to heal will be the foundation for moving forward.

Healing the Whole Person

- Mission -


We provide educational resources for individuals, teachers, health professionals, pastors, executives, parents, and more.  Those who are interested in holistic health and desire to be equipped to help others heal and grow can contact us to discuss workshop opportunities, and course information.

Health Consulting

During health consults we address your unique health needs.  The initial consultation and follow-up sessions are directed toward meeting your goals.  Consults  occur via Zoom video-conferencing.

Client Care

We provide compassionate and integrative care for issues including those related to fear or anxiety, trauma, stress, developmental delays or early childhood challenges, sexual or hormonal issues, the autonomic nervous system, human performance, hard-to-solve health issues and more...

Wellness for the whole person - heart, mind, body and soul - requires focused tools to engage a person's unique needs in an effective manner.

Contact us if you would like to know if we can help.