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Where the Whole Body Heals

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Dr. Lindemann is a Christian physician trained in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and later serving as Chief of PM&R at Eisenhower Army Medical Center until 2017. During those seasons, he became interested in the question of why some people heal from intense or traumatic events, and others become disabled or stuck - physically, emotionally, mentally, or relationally. And also excited to see people could heal under the right conditions. This led to his move away from traditional clinical medicine, pharmacologic medicine, and cognitive therapies (often focused on symptom management or suppression) to his current focus on the principles and practical applications of relational bonding and accurate perception (sensory and mental); finding these equally necessary for normal growth (development), recovery from trauma and neglect (healing), and high-level achievements (performance) whether in the physical, emotional, or cognitive domains. In his experience, these areas of bonding and accurate perception are the function and feedback mechanisms often disrupted by shock, dissociation, and intense experiences (regardless of whether that intensity came in a physical, emotional, or mental form), and undergird why people actually get stuck in a chronically dysregulated state. As a believer, he is always seeking to understand these issues through the lens and truth of God's revelation in the person of Christ, in the Scriptures, and in creation; and apply them in a manner suited to the occasion and appropriate to the needs of those with whom he is working.

Healing the Whole Person

- Principles -


My objective is to apply a robust understanding of the whole person and to utilize tools that target and resolve your unique needs.  As you participate in this process you will be equipped to heal and grow.  I also provide resources for you to learn more or to help others.


Healing is a restoration process that is most effective when the origins of your health needs are addressed in a well-ordered and stable fashion.  A well-ordered reality governs my approach because your health needs began for a reason and they are not a result of random, disordered chance. 


My priority is to equip you with what is essential to heal as a whole person - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually - in a manner that is supportive and enduring.  The truth about who you are, how you are made, and what you need to heal will be the foundation for moving forward.


What should I do?

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  • Registration for the next Group Class (last Thursday of the month between January and April at 3pm) closes on January 15th.  E-mail for additional information.

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